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Synergos Production Company

Playwright: Quay Logan, Matthew C. Logan

Director: Matthew C. Logan

Compensation: Some Stipends Available

Rehearsals Begin: February 19, 2023

Run: March 31, 2023 - April 2, 2023

Stage: Live

Ages: 14- Adult: Some Children’s Roles

Nudity: No

Fees: No

*Show does contain violence.

Show Synopsis 

In our original play, the United States is in crisis. Riots are filling the streets. A plague is decimating the population. Government oppression reigns and crime is rampant. The media is manipulating the country into conformity. In the midst of devastation, a strange figure appears. His words are awakening millions, while millions want him dead...His message is spreading. Is he a savior or a villain? Cult leader or great reformer? Son of Chaos or Son of God?


This controversial play explores how American society might react if a figure similar to Christ appeared today.  Who would follow him?  Who would fear him?

Additional Info

Resurrection X is expecting to extend and/or tour after its initial run. Some actors may be asked to keep the weekend of April 7-9, open to accommodate a possible extension.

Headshot & Resume

Fill out the online form on the link below and attach a current photo to your sign up (a selfie is fine). If you have a resume, there will be a place to attach on the form.

Sign Up Here

Click the button below to sign up. The form will ask about your availability for auditions, rehearsal conflicts, general availability and information about yourself. 

Audition Dates / Times

After submitting your audition form, you will be e-mailed an appointment based on your availability. 

San Marcos: January 27: Appointments Available:  2:00 PM to 8:00 PM

New Braunfels: January 28: Appointments Available: 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM

*January 30: * Make-Up appointments available by request in New Braunfels

** Video Submissions available by appointment.


Prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary dramatic monologue

* If you are doing a Video Submission, please perform 2 contrasting contemporary monologues.

** If you need help with finding a monologue or have questions, contact below.

Audition Contact

For audition questions, email here.

Callback Dates / Times

Callbacks are on Monday, January 30 and Tuesday January 31 in New Braunfels

NOTE: Not all roles will be called back.  Everyone will be informed by e-mail by the evening of January 29th

January 30: 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

January 31: 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

** Video Submissions available by request if unavailable for in-person callbacks. 

Audition Locations

San Marcos: January 27, 2023

The Price Center - Upstairs MultiPurpose Room

222 W San Antonio St, San Marcos, TX 78666


New Braunfels: January 28, 2023

Legacy - Sanctuary

2002 Spur St, New Braunfels, TX 78132 

Callbacks: January 30-31, 2023

Legacy - Sanctuary

2002 Spur St, New Braunfels, TX 78132 

New Braunfels: By appointment only

Legacy Rehearsal Hall

3880 Morningside Dr, New Braunfels, TX

Crew Positions Available

If you want to be involved in the show but do not have any interest in performing, we have both paid and volunteer positions available.


Stipends available for: Sound Designer, Lighting Designer, Set Designer, Media/Marketing Director, & Stage Manager.


For more information on tech positions, email here.

Character Breakdown

All roles, except as noted, are open to all ethnicities.

Actors should consider roles if they feel they can represent the age range or gender listed. 


**Note: This is a large ensemble show with over fifty speaking roles. These are roles we are auditioning for but, if you indicate on your audition form, we will consider you for all roles.**



THE PRESIDENT: (male or female, can play 40s to 60s)
*MARLENE "MARLEY" SIMPSON: (female age 7-12 - looks 7-10 years old) daughter of Maija Simpson - a young girl who gets caught in the cross-fires during the riots.  After her death, an anti-crime bill with her name in it, comes to the forefront of the National News.  
ALEJANDRO - (male, age 9-13) Mercy's son who is dying of an unknown disease.

CHRIS' MOTHER (female, age 35-45) Mother of Chris "Son of Man"




*CHRIS “SON OF MAN”: (male, age 27-38): A compassionate, mysterious leader full of life, love and passion

*THUNDER DRESSEL: (male, age 19-35) A flamboyant, fierce, fun and compassionate man. Actor must be self assured and confident in this role and must be able to play an age range from early twenties to sixties. Most of the play, he is in his twenties. 

*LIEUTENANT BULLOCK: (male, age 19-35) Lieutenant Bullock is a cop who starts the play as a young rookie and is thrust into the limelight after he tries to save a child’s life. He is either a stereotypical New York Cop or a Texas Good old boy. Must be able to play an age range of 23-65)

*KEEFA “THE ROCK” ANDERSON: (male, age 17-35) Keefa is an outspoken follower of Jon the “Extremist” who becomes thrust in the limelight when he helps Lieutenant Bullock save a child. He is one of the first to join the “Son of Man” group.

*DETECTIVE GONZALES: (female, age 25-45) Detective Gonzales is a highly competent Detective who wants to make a name for herself. Born after most of the events in the show, she is highly opinionated and wants Thunder to change his story. 

*MERCY JOHNSON: (female, age 25-45) Mercy’s daughter, Shondra is dying of the plague and the hospitals will not let her in to save her baby girl. She reaches out to the “Son of Man” group and her life will never be the same.

*JAMIE “THE GENIUS” DRESSEL: (male 19-35) Thunder’s brother and part of the Inner Circle of The “Son of Man” Group. He is a genius, raised by Thunder. He  is highly educated and questions everything

*CAPTAIN SOLANO: (male or female, age 35+) Bullock’s Captain throughout the play, Captain Solano is a political animal. He knows how to pander to crowds of all types and is involved in everything from the Austin Riots to Marley’s Act. He knows many secrets and saves them for the right time. 

*REVEREND DR. STRICKLAND: (male age 50+) Head of the National Church. He is kind, charismatic and empathetic to the public. Behind closed doors, he is a powerful influencer. The “Son of Man” Group intrigues him and he looks to capitalize on their fame. 

*NEWSCASTER: (male or female age 25+) Comments on daily events with the appearance of neutrality. S/he is highly motivated to be the top anchor in America and is the audience’s eye into current events..

*CAROLINE CHAMBERS: (female age 25+) A reporter who prides herself in her accuracy. Is on the scene from the Austin riots to the creation of the mysterious crime bill called “Marley’s Law”

*JOAN “THE EXTREMEST”: (female African-American/Latino age 19+) a homeless woman of faith who many are following. However, in the face of mass protests, she may be a victim.

*JOSEPH BARRABAS: (male African-American/Latino age 19+) A leader who takes up Jon’s cause after tragedy. 

*MARIA ESPINOSA: (female African-American/Latino age 19+) a woman in the inner city who has a hard life. Something tragic happened to her when she was younger and she is now being trafficked in Los Angeles.

*MRS MAIJA SIMPSON: (female, age 19-35) Mother of Marley Simpson who witnesses a horrible act of violence (also plays Thunder's Mom and Person D)



SON OF MAN GROUP: 12 diverse followers of Chris with varying backgrounds and opinions.

PASTORS OF AMERICA: Pastors investigating Chris and trying to bring the nation to spirituality.

POLICE: Officers with various forms of integrity. They help instigate the Austin Riots and are tasked with investigating the “Son of Man” Group.

KIDS ENSEMBLE: Children of all ages for jump-roping, dancing, and fun scenes with the Son of Man Group.

* Roles with an asterisk (*) have been cast.

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