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"Resurrection X" Resurrected After Successful Run 20 Years Ago

Original playwright Quay Logan penned the script for the show which was performed in front of thousands. After 20 years, she is bringing the play back to life with her son and renowned theatre director, Matthew C. Logan.

It's exciting to bring together the greater New Braunfels communities and create an event unlike anything the area has seen in quite some time", says the director.

"We've co-written the script and put a modern spin on it for the 2023 audience", he continues. "It's going to speak to a lot of people. The finished product will be the result of having a brilliant team of cast and crew members to pull it off." Casting announcements will be made in early January.

Singer / songwriter Eddy Lindsey has been commissioned to produce the original music for the show.

"It's exciting to create music for a play that incorporates both the dark and the light so viscerally... It allows me to bring a lot to the table creatively", Lindsey says.

Resurrection X will be showing at Kings & Queens Ballroom in New Braunfels, TX opening March 30 through April 2nd, 2023. Tickets are available at and

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